YZ For Tesla HUD Head-up Display Car Model 3 Model Y Dedicated Electronics Digital Speedometer Model 3 Model Y Car Accessories


Price: 45.77 - 32.04

Notice:For Tesla 2019-2022
Supports KPH and MPH

YZ HUD Head-up Display For Tesla Model 3 Model Y Dedicated Head-up Display Speedometer For TESLA Car Model3 ModelY Accessiores

For Car: For Tesla Model 3/Y

【Speed display】: Real-time update of vehicle speed to avoid violations;
【Gear display】: Real-time update of the gear position of the vehicle;
【Turn signal display】: Update the left and right turn signals of the vehicle in real time to avoid making mistakes;
【The door display】: Real-time update of door switches to avoid accidents;
【High beam display】: Update the light switch in real time to avoid long-term exposure to the vehicle in front;
【Parking display】: Real-time updates of vehicle parking conditions.

1. Product size: 11*1.6*1.8cm (line length 3.5 meters).
2. YZ custom smart chip, real-time synchronization with central control date.
3. Hidden air computer, safe driving, original car data, non-destructive installation, the air outlet can be moved at will,
After installation, elevate the visible vehicle condition, without frequent viewing of the central control screen, to avoid accidents.
4. Energy saving, automatic shutdown after flameout (starting and closing with the central control, automatic shutdown).

Tesla Head-up Display

Safe driving Original car data Non-destructive installation

Strength is visible drive safer

Before and after installation

LCD computer HD display

Adopt custom car-grade high-temperature imaging originals, display high-definition, 5 meters visible

Peripheral visible Unobstructed view of the road

Only 1.8cm high, embedded in the air outlet, fully functional

Peripheral Visible to Avoid Violations

Say goodbye to central control Concentrate on driving

No need to look at the central control screen frequently, distracted driving is dangerous

Driving data real-time synchronization

Tesla dedicated real-time synchronization with central control data

Original car model Can't shake

The original car's air outlet is opened, and the driving does not fall, and there is no safety hazard

Integrated design High fit without edge

The arc height is the same as the air outlet, beautiful without leaving edges

Save energy Automatic shutdown after flameout

Start and shut down with the central control panel Automatic switch machine

Embedded non-destructive installation free to move

Non-destructive embedded installation Free movement at the air outlet

Custom Smart Chip Data synchronization in real time

YZ custom smart chip, real-time data synchronization without delay

Various warning functions Smart Security Alert

Bright colors, high degree of reproduction, good display effect

Installation steps

Product information

Real shot display

Intelligent speeding reminder

Pay attention to driving safety Safety alarm reminder

Do not block the air outlet Cold air can cooperate to cool down

Small and does not block the air outlet, the cold wind can help the computer cool down

Stopwatch brightness Linkable car screen

More central control screen to adjust the brightness, can control the brightness of the computer

Center console can also be installed out of sight

Do not block the line of sight, do not fall when driving, no safety hazards

Two installation methods Air outlet and center console location

You can choose your favorite location to install and place