What is up with Gen Z humor?

Gen Z, please explain

I am a 35F millennial and my youngest sister is a 22F who I love with all my heart. She is the best marshmallow squishy ray of light I’ve ever known. When I see her I just want to connect in every way possible to get that sibling good good.

She sends me some memes like this one (first link below) and I genuinely do not understand ANY of them.


Here is another example that compares the different generations and their type of humor. I’d say it’s pretty dang accurate.


My question is: can anyone explain to me, the definition of gen z humor in a way I could understand? I usually laugh at the memes she sends and she told me once that she loved how I understood it so I don’t want to ask her to explain since this is one of the only ways she has chosen to connect with me and my stupid pride caused me to not want her to know how clueless I am out of fear that my squishy will reject me.

What I really don’t understand is the “why” of the Gen z humor. Boomer= low hanging fruit that is 25% funny, 75% putting down other people. Millennial humor is self deprecating jokes about wanting to be dead. Gen X humor is… idk, I never hear about them honestly. Then Gen Z humor (to me) is about taking acid, ending up on the astral plane and saying one to five words that vaguely represent the picture in the meme.

This is not sarcastic or an insult to Gen Z, I genuinely want to understand.

ETA: WOW, I just woke up and did not expect to get so many responses. Thank you all so much! I’ve been skimming the comments for the past five minutes but need to get to work. I am so thankful for everyone’s input on this, it’s going to help so much! I’ll do my best to reply to your comments.

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