What is The Term Menopause Mean and What Are the Symptoms of Peri-Menopause?

Menopause means the last menstrual period. Symptoms appear during perimenopause. All hormones change during this time. It is like a life change for the woman that means the end of reproductive life. in a post-menopausal period.

Women experience menopause between the ages of 46 and 55. The average age today is around 50 years. What is the transition to menopause? This means changes in a woman’s menstrual cycle, which are irregular periods and changes in flow. Pain, fatigue, irritability, sore breasts, hot flashes are symptoms caused by the transition to menopause.

Physical symptoms begin during perimenopause. Unwanted hair growth, thinning scalp, skin and pubic hair are other symptoms that are observed. Hormonal changes and sleep disturbances can cause mood swings, stress, depression, forgetfulness, and difficulty concentrating. Anxiety is a common symptom of menopause. .

Doctors decide about menopause based on a woman’s symptoms. Doctors may order tests if there are signs of thyroid disease. Common symbols of menopause are: hot flashes urinary incontinence

Vaginal changes Breast changes Thinning skin Bone loss CholesterolWeight gain Knowing what can happen during menopause is a good starting point for treating symptoms. Women are encouraged to take care of their health, quit smoking, eat healthier and exercise. Some women may find relief from menopausal symptoms in herbal remedies. MHT hormone replacement therapy in the form of patches or tablets can be used to relieve symptoms.

A woman can experience changes in feelings. During this period, the woman should have a period of rest and some free time. Menaupose should be seen as a good fresh start. It’s a good time to assess your lifestyle and health and make commitments to continue feeling good. in mature years.

Image by Silvia from Pixabay