What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is the condition where the male arrives at orgasm and ejaculation before he wishes to do so. It is a common sexual difficulty seen in men. In terms of timing, PE is understood as – a man who ejaculates as soon as he enters the vagina or within seconds to up to 2 minutes.

When premature ejaculation happens, the female either remains unsatisfied or can be carried to orgasm through oral or manual stimulation. Although later is perfectly fine way to sexually pleasure a woman, many women find it unacceptable. Since by the time they are ready for orgasm, the penis is soft and the muscles surrounding the vagina have nothing to contract rhythmically against during orgasm.

Further, the relationship between the couple can get affected, since the man is anxious about his failure, concerned that he has disappointed his partner.

However, occassional premature ejaculation can happen in any man after a long period of sexual abstinence. So if you are not sexually active for months to years at stretch and attempt intercourse, then you may have an incidence of PE.

This is not to worry about.

Premature Ejaculation is also common in a man who is just beginning his sexual life. Do you know premature ejaculation is a common occurence during honeymoon, probably because the young man is over-anxious and sexual tension is high and hence orgasm is easily triggered.

To overcome PE, we have to understand two facts. Sexual arousal is a combination of psychological stimulus and tactile stimulus.

1. Psychological stimulus – include mental thoughts
2. Tactile stimulus – It includes touch, making out before genital union takes place

When the stimulus is piled up enough, the body cannot stand the tension any longer, and the trigger is pulled.

It is akin to a “gun loaded” that is waiting to get fired. In this case, the firing happens ‘unconsciously’ once the gun (male body) is fully loaded of sexual excitation

Once these two stimulus, combined start piling up and become intense, “firing” orgasm trigger happens and male ejaculates. One technique I have learn how we can increase the threshold of – raising the firing point so orgasm is delayed.

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