What if it is just an incident?…

What if it is really just an incident?

I study Leviticus 4 currently, and it teaches about how to find forgiveness for unintentional sin.

It appears odd that if we accidentally sin, it is still sin, but it is.

But if we do some thing accidentally, should not we be cost-free of guilt?

No. ➡️ God recorded His guidelines and commands, and His Spirit can discuss to anyone (believer or not), and so we are responsible for what He has advised us.

It truly is like that college syllabus we under no circumstances examine. It retains the guidelines, and regardless of if we examine it or not, we are responsible for realizing and following the guidelines.

➡️ It isn’t really an alternative to continue being ignorant of sin and its effects. Assist your self by listening to, knowing, and thoughtfully applying what God tells you.


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