We don’t all need electric cars, we need less cars

Most cities, towns and villages in Ireland have been completely designed around cars over the past century, it’s very obvious walking through areas like shopstreet or Waterford city centre that the pedestrianised or cycle able areas are more pleasant and enjoyable places to be. Its horrible to see every village street completely ruined by cars parked on each side of the road
If you’re interested at all you should check out this sub: r/fuckcars and maybe read its top posts and faq.
This article also shows its not just a bunch of reddit nut jobs thinking this: [Reducing car use not only cuts greenhouse gas emissions, it saves money](https://www.irishtimes.com/environment/climate-crisis/2022/08/04/reducing-car-use-not-only-cuts-greenhouse-gas-emissions-it-saves-money/)
A by-product of this is improved public transport as with no cars on these roads the buses won’t get caught in traffic. Its a win for everyone in the end.
Edit: FEWER cars, my bad hahah

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