Volleyball Challenge

Volleyball Challenge

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Printed Tue Mar 14 2023
Style html5
Sub Style WebGL
HTTPS completely ready Certainly
Cell completely ready No

Dimensions 1280×720
Description Volleyball Problem – a volleyball sport like in no way found right before!

In this lively and colourful sporting activities video game you will be serving and attacking your opponents! Serve, bump, block, spike and lob – go all out, to win those cherished points!
Victory is down to you and your skills only!

Essential Attributes Loads of concentrations, nearby multiplayer (up to 2 gamers), specific tournaments, pores and skin customization, talent progression, winnable containers with goodies
Instruction [IN MENU]
WASD – pick menu buttons
Esc – alternatives
C – ensure picked button
V – go again
X, R – additional steps (will be highlighted in tooltips)

A, D – move still left/proper
C – serve/hit the ball
V – soar
B – distinctive go
Esc – options

Player 1 motion like in singleplayer
Left/Right ARROW – player 2 shift still left/suitable
/ – strike
. – leap
, – superpower

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