Ukraine information

The moment once again I want to say to Russians in Russian.
It was no coincidence that the prison mobilization declared by Russia was promptly termed a “mobilization to graves” by the citizens of Russia on their own. Russian commanders do not care about the lives of Russians – they just require to replenish the empty areas left by the useless, wounded, people who fled or the Russian soldiers that ended up captured.

Your authorities does not treatment who will get these spots. Either youthful IT professionals who did not provide at all, or pensioners who served only in the Soviet army.

The important minute has arrive for you: correct now it is remaining decided no matter whether your everyday living will conclude or not. It is better not to take a conscription letter than to die in a overseas land as a war legal. It is much better to operate away from legal mobilization than to be crippled and then bear duty in the courtroom for participating in the war of aggression. It is much better to surrender to Ukrainian captivity than to be killed by the strikes of our weapons.

The heroism and grit of our warriors, the striving for independence and justice, which united all our people, do not go away a single doubt that Ukraine will prevail and that all invaders on our territory will absolutely be defeated.

Glory to Ukraine!

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