This Car Has Alien Technology

Weekly Dose of Automotive Stuff #95

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This series is inspired by @Daily Dose Of Internet and @lucaas

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Videos used (in order):

Bose active suspension

Honda S2000 Loses Control

Insane Diesel Truck Sound

240sx becomes a spare part supplier

Trailer does Yoga

RC Drag Car

ATV with Jetskis instead of wheels

F1 car sings happy birthday

Guy Rides Tiny Train

Combine Harvester

BMW security bypass

Lamborghini SIAN

Wood Gas Powered Car

Worst F1 Start Ever

First 6B Rotor Engine

Turbo s2000 insane acceleration

Tall Motorcycle Gang

V6 swapped pontiac fiero

Semi-Truck plowing through snow

Self Built McLaren F1 LM

Audi S8 with V10 engine

Tornado VS cars

RedBull F1 Car on public streets

Suzuki Hayabusa Top Speed

Percussion by Ramol
Music promoted by Ramol Nocopyright Music
Produced by RamolPro
Video Link :

Dj Quads – The Improv

Music Used:

Movin’ by Joakim Karud & Blue Wednesday

Take It Easy by Joakim Karud



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