Tejas – Premium HTML5 Video Player


Tejas is a powerful and elegant solution for embedding video content on your websites using the HTML5 element through a browser neutral custom UI.

Quick Preview: http://screenr.com/dGr

Important Note

Before leaving a rating, here or elsewhere, please get in touch with me to see if there’s been human error. I’ve been receiving too many emails with users first rating, then asking me for solutions and after it’s been fixed, asking me whether they can rollback their rating. These premature ratings really hurt authors, including me.

So please contact me before rating the item so we can fix any issues together. Also, feel free to ask me any questions you may have regarding the code before purshasing to avoid mismatched expectations.


Tejas is built on jQuery and utilizes the very powerful ThemeRoller system for rendering its user interface. This means that changing the color scheme or images is as simple as just going to the ThemeRoller site and using the friendly GUI to change whatever you need. If you want to delve even deeper, it provides more options and flexibility so that you can create an UI you want without touching the plugin.


This player is being actively developed and I’ll be pushing out updates with new features and bug fixes very frequently. Since the namespace and options for the player are fixed, you won’t have to worry about updating your code. Just replace the core JS file and you can enjoy cutting edge features as and when the browsers support ‘em.

Update to version 1.2

  • Support for iOS devices added: iPhone, iPad and iTouch!

Update to version 1.1

  • Update to add forced fallback to Flash if unsupported formats like FLV need to be played.
  • Plugin option forceFlash added

Feature List

  • No browser plugins needed
  • Intuitive default UI
  • Spiffy seek bar
  • ThemeRoller ready
  • Fullscreen for supported browsers as well as pseudo fullscreen for others
  • Very easy to customize
  • Ability to display a custom logo inside the player
  • Support for displaying buffered information on select browsers
  • Support for multiple players running multiple themes on the same page
  • Flash fallback for unsupported browsers
  • Support for iPhone and iPad

Roadmap for Future Updates

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • WebSRT support
  • API to interact with player after initialization

Browser Support

Tejas works on most major, modern browsers including:

  • Firefox 3.6+
  • Chrome 4+
  • Opera 10.5+
  • Safari 4+
  • Internet Explorer 7+ [w/ fallback]
  • Mobile Safari [iPhone, iPad, iTouch]


I’ve tested this as much as I could but with the sheer number of variables at play here, something may break sometime. In those cases, please just send me an email [[email protected]] with details as to what broke and I’ll have a fix for it ASAP.

Known Bugs

These are more along the lines of browser inconsistencies than actual bugs but here they are:

  • Spamming the seekbar when seeking unbuffered areas may mess up sometimes. Even on spammage, it’ll keep your first click in memory and seek there. As browsers implement this feature better, I’ll keep updating this to better reflect those changes. Same applies for showing how much of the video has been buffered.

Thanks for looking at this item. Cheers, gents!