time lapse

Lights LoFi

Buy FOR $15 Lights LoFi track with vinyl fx, piano, booming defeat and smokey atmospheric appears. Monitor for vlogs, style clips, promos or chill. File integrated: Most important &#8211 1:04 Medium &#8211 :40 Quick &#8211 :22 Source

Documentary Pack

Obtain FOR $48 A few background new music tracks for documentary videos, promoting, displays, technological innovation, tutorials, time lapse, background, film, character video clips, slideshow, etc. This pack incorporates: Documentary (3:22) The Documentary (3:05) Cinematic Soundscape (3:05) Resource

Background For Presentation

BUY FOR $18 Background For Presentation background ambient track with piano and strings. Perfect for cinematic documentary, advertising, presentations, corporate, tutorials, time lapse, commercial trailers, tv jingles, drama tv show, history, education, film and any project that requires background documentary music. Source