Mildew awareness has been increasing and rightfully so — it can cause continual infla…

Mold consciousness has been escalating and rightfully so — it can cause chronic inflammation, respiratory signs or symptoms, neurological signs and symptoms, immune sensitivities, and far more.⁠

Research has also proven it can induce the progress of autoimmunity, in element by promoting leaky gut and harming the intestine mucosal barrier.⁠

If your autoimmunity is unresponsive to remedy, make confident you are not dwelling, operating, or going to faculty in a moldy ecosystem and look at tests your mycotoxin amounts.⁠

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A fascinating finding about gluten and autoimmune diseases is that two-thirds of…

A fascinating finding about gluten and autoimmune diseases is that two-thirds of people who have immune reactions to gluten don’t have any intestinal manifestations. Instead, their gluten sensitivity manifests in the brain.⁠

In the neurological literature, they’re even defining gluten sensitivity as its own neurological disease. Some researchers argue that gluten is more a brain-related inflammatory trigger than a gut-related trigger.⁠

If you suffer from brain fog, fatigue, poor brain endurance, declining cognition, neurological autoimmunity such as MS, psychiatric conditions, or any other brain-based disorders, it’s always important to screen for an immune reaction to gluten.⁠

This means not just screening alpha gliadin, but instead for several immune-reactive compounds in gluten as well as transglutaminase antibodies. Otherwise, you could end up with a false negative.⁠

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