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Multivalidator is an ajax sort validator with exclusive functions, captcha that raises the user practical experience and protect your kinds, supports common expressions, ajax callbacks and his appearance is totally customizable. Select color and condition of information, animations, duration ,captcha type, mistake meter, miniature form and more, in accordance your internet site&#8217s demands.


  • Inline validation.
  • Customise mistake messages shades, form, period and animation.
  • Captcha protection, personalized animated captcha and google reCAPTCHA.
  • Vehicle crank out labels aside fields selection.
  • Miniature type component.
  • Errors meter
  • Callback purpose.
  • Ajax ready.



  • Additional url, checkboxgroup and radiogroup validation forms
  • Added 2 captcha automobiles
  • Fastened insignificant bug for IE8

  • Source

    CSS3 3D Layer Image Hover Effects

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    Item Description:

    CSS3 3D Layer Image Hover Effects is Validated Code and Very well Commented. It helps in quick integration to any Web Initiatives.

    Item Functions:

    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • No Bootstrap
    • No JavaScript
    • CSS3 3D Layer Picture Hover Consequences
    • 3 Distinct Structure
    • Darkish Structure
    • Gentle Layout
    • Coloration Layout
    • 3 Distinct Documentation
    • Clean and Fresh new Code
    • W3 Validation
    • All Browser Assist
    • Properly Documentation
    • Easy to Personalize

    Be aware:

    This Merchandise consists of HTML and CSS, it&#8217s not a WordPress Plugin.

    Resources &#38 Credits

    • pexels.com (picture web-site)

    Will need Help?

    If you have any question or issue with regards to this merchandise, make sure you feel free of charge to message me from Get hold of type on my Profile Page romincomputer.

    Observe: Images applied in the preview are for demo reasons only.


    Interactive Nabraska Map

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    The interactive Nabraska Map template shows you the names of each and every experienced Interactive every state is clickable. You can use the code by copying and pasting it on any internet site site (html webpage, WordPress, php web-site, shopify, Wix, SquareSpace, Joomla and other CMS&#8217s).


    • SVG responsive and totally resizable.
    • All state (colours, link, hover information and facts and so forth).
    • Each and every state are clickable
    • The map consists of HTML/CSS data files.
    • Wonderful Support 24/7.
    • You can simply use embed or HTML code

    Increase the Maps any where on your web site

    You can use an embed code and put it any where on your website! HTML5 suitable!


    It is totally responsive and loads internet pages pretty fast.

    Cross product and browser appropriate

    This is a developed-in SVG, no flash is applied.


    Beginner amount HTML &#8211 CSS (JavaScript is not needed)


    Ether Grid Slider jQuery Plugin – Envato Market – Codecanyon


    Ether Grid Slider is an extremally functional jQuery plugin designed for transforming any type of content into practical grids and/or sliders. You can use it with any type of mixed content types such as images, videos, services, testimonials, featured stories or blog feeds to name a few. There are many thoroughly documented predefined examples you can base your configurations on.

    It comes with multitude of options and can be used as a base for consistent powering of sliders and grids across the entire application. A good and successful example of such application is our Ether Content Builder plugin for WordPress that takes advantage of all the options Ether Grid Slider offers.

    Problems / Need help?

    DON’T USE CodeCanyon Comments for support requests as that’s not what they’re designed for. This will make our lifes easier. Thank you in advance! \)” title=”;)” />

    Follow Support Guidelines to get in touch with us for faster turnaround.

    Latest Update

    August 6, 2013, version 1.4.0

    • Fixed: Responsiveness of slider navigation
    • Added: Customizable nav prev/next arrows and pagination position and styles (arrows spanning full width are now available also)
    • Added: Option to disable scroll on mousewheel
    • Addded: Light / Dark theme compatibility
    • Fixed: External links pointing to specific slides
    • Fixed: Revised documentation and more descriptive and novice user friendly examples

    Key Highlights

    • 40 options
    • Mousewheel support
    • Touch/swipe support for mobile devices
    • Many custom configured elements on single page
    • Fluid & responsive layout
    • Smart autoplay
    • Image gallery options
    • External linking – control sliders from anywhere
    • Custom transitions, sliding axes, and more
    • Highly customizable slider navigation

    NOTE: If you’ve purchased and are missing any features don’t hesitate to email us with a request. This plugin is actively developed and we will definitely consider adding new stuff to make it even more functional!


    • align: Target element alignment
    • always_show_img_title: Keep image titles visible and expanded
    • autoplay_enable: Autoplay
    • autoplay_interval: Autoplay interval in seconds
    • autoplay_shift_dir: Autoplay direction
    • col_spacing_enable: Enable spacing to occur between grid cells. 0 is handy for seamless/spaceless grids of images.
    • col_spacing_size: Spacing that occurs between grid cells.
    • cols: Column count. Degrades on smaller screens. Degradation steps can be easily adjusted in css.
    • ctrl_always_visible: Slider controls visible at all times or on hover only
    • ctrl_arrows: Display navigation arrows.
    • ctrl_arrows_full_width: Spaces nav arrows as far apart from each other as possible
    • ctrl_arrows_pos_shift_x: Custom horizontal offset of slider arrows
    • ctrl_arrows_pos_shift_y: Custom vertical offset of slider arrows
    • ctrl_arrows_pos_x: Horizontal position of slider arrows
    • ctrl_arrows_pos_y: Vertical position of slider arrows
    • ctrl_arrows_spacing: Minimum spacing between arrows
    • ctrl_external: Define external elements that will be able to change slides. Number in slide_id will result in absolute link. ‘prev’ or ‘next’ will behave as navigation arrows
    • ctrl_padding: Minimum distance of nav controls from gridslider element borders
    • ctrl_pag: Display pagination
    • ctrl_pag_pos_shift_x: Custom horizontal offset of slider pag
    • ctrl_pag_pos_shift_y: Custom vertical offset of slider pag
    • ctrl_pag_pos_x: Horizontal position of slider pag
    • ctrl_pag_pos_y: Vertical position of slider pag
    • ctrl_pag_spacing: Minimum spacing between pagination items
    • ctrl_style: Style of navigation (for custom one provide path to filename)
    • easing: Transition effect for sliding animations
    • gallery_img_title: For image galleries. If an image tag has title or alt attribute defined (in this order), description will be displayed when an element is hovered
    • grid_height: Constrain forces sqare cells, numeric value forces fixed height. Especially handy for media galleries.
    • hide_grid_cell_overflow: Advanced: Useful when there’s a grid gallery of images with column spacing and images are higher than column content height (practically it means vertical margins seem to be half the size). This behaviour isn’t forced by default as in most cases galleries should not require it. This option set to false by default allows content (such as tooltips) within the column to overflow outside column borders and is generally less invasive
    • image_stretch_mode: Image stretch mode. Auto does not affect images. Other types are especially handy for image galleries.
    • img_title_pos_x: Horizontal position of image title (it’s always full width at the moment so it doesn’t have any pratcical effect)
    • img_title_pos_y: Vertical position of image title
    • loop: Behaviour of the slider on the last-to-first and first-to-last element transition
    • pause_autoplay_on_hover: Pauses autoplay when user mouse pointer hovers over the gridslider element
    • rows: Row count. Applies to sliders only.
    • scroll_axis: Scroll axis
    • scroll_on_mousewheel: Scroll slides with mousewheel when mouse is hovered over gridslider
    • scroll_speed: Scroll speed in miliseconds
    • scroll_transition: Scroll transition
    • slider: Transform element into a slider (0 will create a grid only)
    • theme: Defines element theme, default is light. ‘dark’
    • view_pos: Visible slide
    • width: Target element width

    See detailed view of all options and their description.


    Main focus of this plugin is to facilitate creation of grids and sliders out of any content and being as little invasive on the code output as possible. Grid and slider functionality do not affect actual content behaviour. Thanks to that you can easily add a lightbox to a grid of images the same way you would without this plugin or have any other side functionality still in place when plugging in a gridslider to a specific element.

    Simple list of images can be transformed in a few different ways. For example you can constrain width to height ratio of grid cells so that they’re always square, auto or custom fixed height. Images within grid cells can be also further manipulated by changing their container fill mode. You can see a couple of practical implementation examples on the slider demo page or by browsing the examples available inside the package upon download.


    In case of any troubles use and abuse sources below as much as you need.

    Update Log

    August 6, 2013, version 1.4.0

    • Fixed: Responsiveness of slider navigation
    • Added: Customizable nav prev/next arrows and pagination position and styles (arrows spanning full width are now available also)
    • Added: Option to disable scroll on mousewheel
    • Addded: Light / Dark theme compatibility
    • Fixed: External links pointing to specific slides
    • Fixed: Revised documentation and more descriptive and novice user friendly examples

    March 5, 2013, version 1.3.1

    • Fixed: Core fixes
    • Added: scroll_on_mousewheel property
    • Fixed: jQuery 2.0 compatibility

    September 30, 2012, version 1.3

    • Fixed: Core fixes
    • Fixed: IE7/8 compatibility
    • Fixed: General tweaks and some structural changes

    June 18, 2012, version 1.2

    • Fixed: Autoplay with navigation disabled
    • Added: External controls now allow for linking to prev/next slides, too (only absolute linking was possible before)
    • General tweaks and some structural changes

    May 6, 2012, version 1.1

    • Added: Dynamic adding of new elements into existing gridsliders
    • Added: External linking to specific slides
    • Added: Automatic titles for images
    • Added: Loop option
    • Added: Easing effects for slide transitions
    • Added: Mousewheel support
    • Added: Swipe support for mobile devices
    • More thorough and to the point documentation
    • 10+ premade examples including: classic slider, clients slider, custom text content slider, dynamic slider, external linking, image feed, services slider, testimonials slider and more

    3 Mar 2012, version

    • Added IE7 Support
    • Added two new options â?? target element width and alignment


    Save The Earth – Envato Market – Codecanyon

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    Help you save the Earth is an awesome video game whose target is to conserve the earth from rockets seeking to assault the earth and also from asteroid. The game is responsive and cell friendly, it is pleasurable to enjoy, simple to set up, operate and customise.

    The recreation was make applying HTML, CSS and JavaScript to greatly enhance it operation and have an wonderful appears


    The video game is simple to perform, all you have to do is to damage the rockets and asteroid by touching or clicking on them just before they get to the earth. The far more you destroy the a lot more and speedier they arrive and your stage raises and the earth inhabitants as well.

    Do not permit them access the earth, due to the fact if they do, they will minimize the range of earth populace and ruin the earth.


    • Cell Helpful and Responsive
    • Documentation
    • Simple to set up, set up, work and customised


    Bemo Editor – Rich Text Editor with Charts – Envato Market – Codecanyon

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    Bemo Editor is a &#8220Wealthy Textual content Editor&#8221 with Charts insertion skill. You can insert column, pie or lines charts. It has 20 formatting alternatives, the capability to include more fonts and the capability to modify the HTML code of the textual content formatting.


    1- 20 Textual content formatting choices.

    2- Incredibly flex and uncomplicated to modify.

    3- Quick to design and style it.

    4- Charts (Columns &#8211 Pie &#8211 Strains).

    5- Back again &#38 Forward buttons.

    6- Skill to increase extra FONTs.

    7- Capability to minimize the editor.

    8- Ability to adjust the HTML in the code check out and having it done.

    DOCUMENTATION: This plugin is perfectly documented.


    NekoCart – CSV-based jQuery Shopping Cart – Envato Market – Codecanyon

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    NekoCart is a fully customizable buying cart manufactured only with jQuery. No PHP is wanted on your server! The major attribute is the CSV dependent products list, that makes it possible for you to very easily regulate your shop and merchandise options&#8230 No coding abilities necessary!
    Default payment method is PayPal, if there will be many requests we will include extra in the potential releases!


    • v.1.1 &#8211 Additional configurable decimal separator in the config file and enhanced the CSV enhancing function accepting now both , and . (Excel/LibreOffice now don&#8217t give again dates)
    • v.1. &#8211 Initial launch


    • CSV based goods, no coding needed!
    • No PHP or databases expected
    • Customizable various shipping solutions
    • Every solution can have variants or possibilities
    • PayPal one particular click on checkout
    • Customizable tax
    • Fast and lightweight
    • Examined on IE8+, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari
    • Complete of Nekos! :3

    Additional options will come in the foreseeable future!


    Meow! (Very best buying cart at any time!)

    – A cat


    Countdown / construction page – Envato Market – Codecanyon

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    Quick adaptable countdown, less than building &#8211 site. Like guide for straightforward established-up.

    – This is not a WordPress Plugin but standalone html &#8211 css &#38 javascript



    • Time is now mounted on GMT +:00


    • A lot more social internet sites
    • Improved usability on social web sites
    • Simpler editable
    • Less code


    Completely ready to Ship Mailer – Envato Current market – Codecanyon

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    Completely ready to Ship Malier is a easy plugin to send HMTL e-mail, also have other several options like:

    • CSS3 animations
    • Ajax features
    • php illustration data files
    • send out emails utilizing SMTP
    • Google handle autocomplete
    • reveals your place in total display screen
    • drag to display handle
    • JQuery validation
    • custom-made textboxes and buttons
    • 2 Foundation hues
    • 2 display screen kinds
    • 3 e-mail layouts
    • 3 html templates
    • 8 themes
    • 8 social inbound links to opt for


    A few Circles – Envato Market – Codecanyon

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     photo cc_zps3cc4c81d.png  photo support_zps71bbabaf.png

    About plugin

    ThreeCircle is a exclusive and simple to use carousel slider penned in jQuery appropriate with old browsers like IE 6. Do not do just models with sharp edges, make a little something beautiful and various. Plugin is straightforward customizable, circles positions are not minimal and can be very easily altered using CSS or JavaScript parameters. It is greate for screenshoots, items or natural visuals.

    Key Options

    • Far more then 10 themes included (Dimensions, Coloration, Vertical), look at screenshots
    • Far more then 10 transitions help
    • Much more then 10 progressbar themes integrated
    • Help unrestricted variety of visuals
    • Many carousels on a single web web page
    • You can add title text description that related with each individual impression, and inserting it everywhere in the world wide web website page
    • Instantly transitions by means of your carousel when visitors get there on your internet site. Great for header sliders
    • Navigate with direction button (next/prev)
    • CSS3 pushed, graceful degradation Shows consistently throughout all main browsers together with Web Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari.
    • Effortlessly circles positioning &#38 customizable (Speed, pause, callbacks, original template visuals from Fireworks supplied) Callback perform. Execute features on path button and animating concerning slides
    • General public API available
    • Documentation with description and heaps of illustrations, glimpse at screenshots
    • Free updates &#38 guidance

    Obtain Package

    • Resource and Minified JS
    • Source and Minified CSS
    • Documentation
    • Examples
    • Layered &#8221*.png&#8221 information

    Uncomplicated to implement

    1. HTML

    Insert basic HTML construction with checklist of illustrations or photos where by you want to have carousel

     photo example

    2. Javascript

    Just operate jQuery plugin

     photo example


    1.1 &#8211 11 February 13

    • Far more themes
    • Vertical format illustrations
    • Structure improvements

    1. &#8211 28 January 13

    • First launch


    If you take pleasure in this plugin be sure to level &#38 share it! If you are rating it with fewer than 5 stars remember to fall me a mail why it didn&#8216t attain a full rating and what could be improved in your opinion.


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