$1 MEAL IDEAS | Easy and Affordable Meals | Gluten Free on a Budget (Cheap in LA)! Part 1/3

Welcome to my video! I am very passionate about food and I feel that everyone should be able to eat healthy meals and not spend a fortune on ingredients, (cheap!) In these videos, I am making gluten free meals, that are healthy, easy and affordable, quick to prep, and they cost less than $1 per meal. If you wish, you could leave the meat out from some recipes, and have a plant based version too. In the first part of the video I am making Lettuce Wraps with lentils (a very healthy dinner or a snack, that can easily be made vegan), Moussaka (at least a simplified version of it) and Baked Lentils that can be made without meat as well, and will be equally delicious. Join me in next videos, where I will be using the rest of our ingredients. You can make these meals as a meal prep or individually, just make sure to freeze your meat if you won’t be using it the same day. Thank you for being here!


0:00 – Intro
0:50 – Grocery Haul
2:49 – Baked potatoes with minced beef (“Moussaka”)
5:12 – Baked Lentils and Lettuce Wraps

Grocery Haul:
Yellow onions $1.18
Plantains $0.73
Potatoes $1.37
Bananas $0.87
Lettuce $1.39
Kale $0.99
Tomato Sauce $0.89
Lentils $1.99
Beef Chunks $4.91
Chicken Drumsticks $4.24
Quinoa $1.98
Milk $1.67
Sweet Potato $0.64
Sauerkraut $2.34 (cca)
Broccoli $0.99
Bok Choy $0.99
2 Eggs $0.60

Total: $27.77