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SoundCaptcha is basic sort for verification of any &#8220token&#8221 in scenario that submitted request is human input.
We all know that todays captchas crank out string that most of instances are really hard to go through from eye of human and this calls for that the website page should reload (refresh) to deliver new captcha string, and following refreshing webpage you may dropped some of details you&#8217ve currently wrote in the enter fields, in the meantime this creates annoyance to you as user.

For this cause SoundCaptcha presents the 2nd chance, possibility to hear captcha token via voice speaker then style it on the captcha input discipline, and this will increase the probability that user will form the proper required &#8220token&#8221.

SoundCaptcha spells letters from A-Z and numbers from to 9, but it only ignores other figures these kinds of as !@#$%^… etc

You may pick whether captcha audio player will open up in Pop-up window or existing captcha web page

Captcha string its circumstance InSeNsItIvE and this makes sure that person doesn&#8217t have to be nervous about scenario sensivity.


SoundCaptcha allows you to make these adjustments that enhance the exhibit flexibility:

  • Flash audio participant: pop-up window or existing page
  • Font kind (TrueType font file)
  • Font coloration
  • Font dimensions
  • Background pattern
  • People to show
  • Randomizing
    * Font style randomizer
    Font coloration randomizer
    Qualifications pattern randomizer

Deal at the moment has 5 font varieties and 11 track record designs. But this doesn&#8217t suggests that you can’t use your ideal qualifications pattern or font file.
How? You will see at documentation.


From server-side, optimum to create captcha

  • PHP 4.4 > more recent variation is suggested

SoundCaptcha - Captcha that speaks. - 5

Consumer-aspect that desires to confirm captcha

  • JavaScript
  • Flash Player