So many people around me told me that my business idea was not viable. They said…

So many people around me told me that my business idea was not viable. They said that people in this area would not pay for dog training, and if they would, it wouldn’t be enough to make a living. ⁠

They said I shouldn’t spend money on getting my qualification or building the business until I proved the concept by running an ad and seeing if there’s interest – even though I wouldn’t have been qualified to deliver. ⁠

They said I might make $50 per week as a bit of side cash. ⁠

They said to aim low so that I wouldn’t be disappointed. ⁠

The people around you and the messages they’re sending you can stick and affect your actions. Imagine continually hearing the doubts and possible negative outcomes repeated to you on the daily. Do you think that would help you to succeed?⁠

This doesn’t mean you need to cut off your friends and family who say these things. ⁠

But you need to seek out people to surround yourself with messages that support your goals.⁠

Enough to drown out the negative messages that you will likely encounter somewhere in your life.⁠

Imagine the difference if you were surrounded by supportive people who were constantly telling you to go for it, that this could be a huge success for you, that your life is about to change for good. And even giving you ideas and inspiration to do better. ⁠

We all need more of that in our lives. I can be that person for you. Message me about working together. ⁠


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