Which Woman Has Slept With The Most People? | Lineup | Cut

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Which of These Woman Has Slept With the Most People? | Lineup | Cut

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33 thoughts on “Which Woman Has Slept With The Most People? | Lineup | Cut”

  1. Everyone judges people's body counts which is why people should not bring it up or even mention it. Some will judge if the number is too high while others will judge if the number is too low. Also it is both genders who get judge not just women like the media would like to make you believe.

  2. The girl I talk to is super ashamed that her bodycount is 12 and kinda feels like a hoe.
    Meanwhile this one girl who judges everyone else has a 3 digit bodycount.
    It should also be added that you shouldn’t judge somebody for being a virgin if you don’t want to be slut shamed. That’s just pretty hypocritical, isn’t it?

  3. I’m glad you chose a virgin who is one simply because they have not had the best opportunity . And not for a specific reason, like “Saving for marriage” (not because that’s wrong) Just simply a virgin. I feel like when there has to be a reason it kind of alienates virgins, honestly

  4. love the blonde girl and wish her the best! very brave of her coming out like this. also, as a bisexual, it got me thinking that body count for wlw is so relative… people may understand sex differently.

  5. I called it with the one girl being at 60 and the girl who was at 2. They both reminded me of someone I know in RL tbh. Really nothing wrong with having a lot so long as you’re safe or being a virgin. I honestly feel like it is great if you are a virgin or have had few partners since sex is more meaningful that way

  6. The "what are you waiting for" comment….good god…like literally rude. For a lot of people it's not like a choice not to be like a weird female incel or anything but…I'm not just gonna have sex any guy who wants to have sex with me. There aren't a ton of dudes who find me attractive and then the ones that do I'm not attracted to them. It's not a choice. It just hasn't happened. Just like the girl said in the video.

  7. its crazy how women receive negative judgement for having had too many partners or none at all, and that judgement was definitely displayed throughout this video with the recurring "hoe" & "keeping legs closed" comments, as well as the "boring" "depressing" ones. lets be better.

  8. These people who claim to be sexually free and opn minded are the most judgemental ones ever. Can we stop pitying women who haven't had sex or have low body count?? It's none of your business why just like it's not of your business why someone sleeps with the whole town. People are way more judgemental against women who choose not to have sex than ones who do but yall dont see it or care. And sex does not make you fun. There's more to life than sex.

  9. My count isn’t as big or small as these people but having lots of sex isn’t just the number of people you’ve slept with it’s also the amount of times you’ve done it with your partner too 🤍

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