Man Trapped on Women of all ages&#39s Island & Pressured To Make Toddlers

A gem hunter is trapped in an island where ladies are the dominant forces.

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39 thoughts on “Man Trapped on Women of all ages&#39s Island & Pressured To Make Toddlers”

  1. A lot of the times I have problems with movies where females apparently do some dirty actions to men forcefully and for some reason its acceptable where if the genders were swapped then it wouldn't be. Like come on, both aren't fine in anyway.

  2. Trapped on an island forced to make babies?
    Sounds like heaven to me.
    Interesting notion casual sex I'm not interested in love I'm certainly not interested in there's no capacity in me for that. Which brings me to the baby conundrum.
    I have no interest in kids however, having kids the the weak spot in this conundrum is men are on the island bringing up the kids.
    You need no more information to see what i would do.
    Its the perfect situation.

  3. I don’t wanna sound like some kind of conservative but bro this would never happen. The reason men took the dominant role in ancient civilization is that our bodies are literally biologically engineered to hunt and chase shit. Women are biologically engineered to childbear and forage and shit. That’s just nature yo. This couldn’t naturally happen.

  4. Please don't fool the audience by saying it's a movie,it's a tv series,we can't watch several videos to complete the the series,we like to watch single video about a movie,if you really want us to watch that series then please admit that it's a tv series but not a movie, i feel like i became a fool by falling to your trap.

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