Lesbian Activist describes her working experience of law enforcement instructing lesbians to depart Delight march

Lesbian Activist Angela C. Wilde describes her encounter of law enforcement instructing lesbians to leave a Gay Pride march in Cardiff.

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24 thoughts on “Lesbian Activist describes her working experience of law enforcement instructing lesbians to depart Delight march”

  1. All I’ve seen and heard is the trans people scream obscenities and get violent. Never once saw the lesbians get violent or scream obscenities. Looks like other countries are just as bad as the USA

  2. So this lady took people she assumed to be at risk and walked them in front of a parade, stopping it for 3 mins….and then gets all dramatic about being shouted at 👀. Where's the loves ✌️🫶 just love people ffs stop looking for fights, we have enough.

  3. do they know how stupid they look we no longer have a police service that is treating all people equally may be they are trans

  4. Any lesbians reading this
    ALWAYS record and copy the entire event and keep and broadcast the entire event in future
    So that ANY false allegation or lie can be proven wrong!!!

  5. Lesson here
    Whether it's women, the working class, actual needs of minority communities (African Americans and African Brits being victims of actual violent gang crime in slum areas for example) working class men, the homeless or now members of the LBGT
    Any group whatsoever basically….
    The INSTANT they don't need you anymore – they will abandon and victimise you

  6. Confrontation without violence is part of liberty FFS
    The police and Government of the nation of Magna Carta SHOULD remember that!!!

  7. Jesus H. Christ. Without lesbians, gay pride would not exist. I wish the trans extremists would take 5 minutes from their shrieking to read some history.

  8. Does this means that the Alphabet people will have to lose the ‘L’ from the name, no doubt the ‘G’ will have to follow suit because they only want to have sex with their own gender as well? It appears that the Alphabet people only support ‘Trans’ people now.

  9. She's talking a lot of sense!
    Attending Pride in Leeds is a Family affair where people take their kids, the last thing they want is violent behaviour from activists.
    If I were gay i would boycott PRIDE Next year and not turn up to ANY of the rallies.
    The only people there would be a few university educated idiots causing trouble amongst them.

  10. These white male trans types are most likely fake anyway. They come across as very devious and manipulative. That does not mean I like feminists because I don't, but I do think these trans women are manipulative.

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