Hold up and read this. …

Hold up and read this.
From “ladke ladke hain, galti ho jati hai”, to “if a girl tells a boy she wants to have sex, she is doing a dhandha”, we have not come a long way!!


Unfortunately, we are still surrounded by people who have this mentality & ironically these are the kinds of spineless individuals that are in charge of our country or they are the ones who influence the masses.

But Mr. Khanna had a valid point to make, like, especially as lawyers, even we would want our audience to understand not to fall victim to people online.

However, not all of these extortionists, or those who actually put you in an uncomfortable or even threatening situations, are females.

How do we know or how does Mukesh Khanna know that the person trying to Scam someone over the phone or computer is a girl who, in his opinion, ought to have some “Maan, Maryada, limits”?
He even says, “arey apko toh yeh bhi nahi pata woh Hindu hai ya Muslim”.
There is a proper way to say things, right?

He is keeping track of how many random messages he has receives on WhatsApp, but don’t we you know that this is exactly what women experiences every day as they receive hundreds of messages on social media?

Moreover, just for the record, in the past, this “veteran actor” has also made statements like, “The problem started when women started working, aurat ko aadmiyon se kandhe se kandha chalakr chalna hai, dikkat ayegi aise… When women first expressed a desire to act like men, everything else followed.

Anyway, for those who have asked about my thoughts regarding Mukesh Khanna’s statement from today, I can only say that solid legal action should be taken against his remarks but only for the way he has put his thoughts out. His intentions were different I guess. Maybe.

What are your views on it?

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20 thoughts on “Hold up and read this. …”

  1. I think people are getting mislead by the part of the video which is getting viral. Mukesh Khanna ji told about honey trap issue and its effect on the society as a whole. Some people are trying to defame him just by making his small clip viral. I request you to see first and then make judgement.

  2. This is heart breaking! While the leaders and famous personalities shall use their reach & power to urge gov for making stricter laws against the rapists, here we are listening to these rubbish statements! It’s the men with low mindsets who need to be taught with the right sanskar (cultured) such that they look at women/girls with respect!

  3. But …. That video is just a cut out video of 7min long videos , Which he made against sex rackets happening in India via Video calls.. Where Guys are being asked to send Nude pics n all. ✨

  4. Men rape for 3 reasons….to prove their power / masculinity, anger issues against a woman, sadistic pleasure – force used upon a woman. All these stem from childhood and mindsets. Clearly the male comments reflect a gutter mind-set where a man is a Saint, the women’s comments speak volumes about her own self respect and how she considers another woman. The government must adopt capital punishment to deter these criminals and society must be educated at grass root level which is an impossible task since both men and women need to change their perception. Women are afraid of men and society and men love to make a woman feel inferior…its a circle.

  5. This is a complete misleading post. Veteran actor Mukesh Khanna was addressing the honeytrap sex racket in the video. A part of the video has been circulated on social media to defame him. Go watch yourself on YouTube.

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