Guessing People today&#39s Sexuality… Revealing Homophobia in The usa

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36 thoughts on “Guessing People today&#39s Sexuality… Revealing Homophobia in The usa”

  1. warum läufst du rum wie ein Prediger und versuchst Leute zur Homosexualität zu bekehren, meeeeeeega strange dude nur weil du in deiner sittenlosen Berliner Bubble lebst..

  2. all the europeans pretending that all of europe (even western europe) is open-minded is hilarious. i promise if i went to the rural countryside of spain or if i went to munich, the people would NOT be as open-minded as you all pretend every single european is. you guys can understand that there are more conservative parts of europe, but when it comes to america you think the conservative parts are how everybody in the country thinks? so europeans are allowed to have variety but americans are all the same? LMAO. and you all claim americans are the ones who are full of themselves.

  3. That aggressive & nosy woman clearly wears the pants in her relationship, & he clearly enjoys it. She most likely pegs him behind closed doors. My bet is she'll be divorced many times in her life & concludes the problem is men. That is a predator.

  4. Come on man. Don't force it to ALL people. If you think they're uncomfortable well then don't push it too hard. I love you but don't do that next time. You can't please everybody, you can't force everybody to support LGBTQ. That's just how it is man. I love LGBTQ but it's not for everyone, okay? I know it's 2022 and all that shit but there are still out there who don't accept it. Just leave it that way. Just be happy that almost all your subscribers or watchers support this but respect those who aren't. Love you man…

  5. the problem with that agressive woman is that her "boyfriend" doesn't give her waht she needs because is secretly gay so she's mad with life in general.

  6. As a Dutch person I’m double disappointed in that woman. Firstly she is causing drama over nothing, and secondly she doesn’t even know the answer to your trivia question. But also I don’t get why Americans like that guy call women the b-word, that seems way more disrespectful to me as a woman than any joke you were making. Shouldn’t American women like the one in your video get more upset about that? Anyway I’m happy to be European.

  7. Unfortunately Miami has been taken over by psycho steroid turds and their Bimbo girlfriends, that’s why us gays go to Puerto Vallarta now!!!! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  8. 11:19 bitches like this are always so brave to say they will beat the shit out of a guy, but only when they are surrounded by male friends who will make sure the guy cannot retaliate.

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