College students Acquire Battle To Get Anti-LGBT Faculty Board Users Eradicated

College students in Florida productively structured a marketing campaign to do absent with some of the craziest members of their college board. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola focus on on The Young Turks. Observe Live weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

Go through Much more Here: student-activists-oust-anti-lgbtq-school-board-users/

“The group attained tens of thousands of voters by digital strategies across several social media platforms and partnered with the Florida Democratic Social gathering to “change hearts and minds” by knocking on practically 5,000 doors, Driggers stated.”


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44 thoughts on “College students Acquire Battle To Get Anti-LGBT Faculty Board Users Eradicated”

  1. I was in high school in the 1980's during the satanic panic. Our school board was full of mom's who hated heavy metal music and lived in terror of D&D. But even those nut bars pale in comparison to what sits on school boards these days.

  2. Young people today seem far more inclusive and compassionate than the small-minded bigots who want to control other people's lies. This kind of thing gives me hope for the future, the bigotry now has a limited shelf-life. New generations see it for what it is.

  3. “People are practicing their first amendment rights and voicing their opinions, that’s pretty bada$$.”- Says the silly anchor…In a video against people expressing their opinions against the LGBTQ.

    The hypocrisy of TYT is unmatched.

  4. Theocrat's , Conservatives, Fascists, and Right Wing nutjobs in general must be confronted at every level of society because that is their aim to infiltrate and influence it top to bottom. Everything from not filing your prescription to not baking a cake for your wedding. From the school board to Congress and anything else you can think of. The only way they'll be stopped is if we stop them. To stop them we have to be more resilient and dedicated then they are. If not they will take over. Know your enemy.

  5. It's funny how the right used "gender ideology" firstly against LGB in general, then against marriage equality, now it's only for trans people, but in general the "grooming" part wasn't left out.

  6. these kids are great…………………..proof, [if given a chance] can save our country. the boomers and the like need to remember who are paying taxes, including the boomers SSI MEDICARE, etc…….i turned 65. my sons are in their 20s. i want them to have a future. i tend to avoid and i hate my own generation

  7. Please remember that YouTube comments don't win elections.
    MILLIONS of bigots, white nationalists, fascists, and other Trump defenders will be voting this November. Will YOU?
    Republican’ts are doing everything they can (and a little more) to keep their power – voter purges, stricter ID requirements, reduced opportunities to vote, etc.
    Make sure you're registered to vote (while you still have the right to vote), and vote like our democracy depends on it – because it does!

  8. "Never fashion a sword for which you do not have a shield." — This will come back to haunt you. Your success today will be your disappointment another day. Beware what tactics you create.

  9. Personally I'm fine with trump supporters existing. They just need to keep that stupid trump shit to themselves, because I don't wanna explain that idiocy to my children it's immoral and disgusting, but like they're totally okay to do that at home in private, and stop being so "in my face" with it, but since they don't they don't deserve human rights.

  10. Why is this not the headline story on every news network? Supposedly liberal CNN has said nothing about this, while lending credibility to the terrorists who threatened sitting school board members of school boards with violence.

  11. Ohh but you guys told me going after school board members you don't like makes you an anti-education domestic terrorist. I guess your tone changes when it's YOUR side doing the outing, funny how that works 🙄.

  12. There was an article about a woman who was out of her mind that children be taught about Ghandi and taught to understand and get along with other cultures. She couldn't defend her bigoted position except to say kids should only learn about their own culture and went ona rant about open borders. If a person can admit they are not an expert perhaps they should sit the f*ck down and shut up and leave it to the ACTUAL experts.

  13. These "satanists" have more brains than those who believe Their mythical book. Praise "Satan" for giving us knowledge. N i put Satan in quotes because that's also a mythical creature created by the Christians to try to scare people into their belief.

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