Baffle Laffle Taffles and Lesbian Drama

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Exciting actuality: I have spoken to my colleagues at the lesbian YouTuber headquarters and we can ensure that Becky is so very hot.


26 thoughts on “Baffle Laffle Taffles and Lesbian Drama”

  1. Every time they do cooking activities, they remind me of a scene in the movie Snapshots between Louise (Emily Goss) & Rosie (Shannon Collis) .. and coincidentally Louise's face looks like Rose ❤❤

  2. 10 years ago, I accidentally found videos of Rose and Rosie eating curry and farting about it. There were, like, six and a half lesbians on YouTube. So, I use “accidentally” loosely. I got hooked on their chemistry and sense of humor (and… Laura Dix)… and… well… lesbians. Proof of existence.

    Do I keep coming back to them for manic banter? Throwback references? The high pitched shrill of frenzy? The YouTube shade? Golden gems like: the mee-crow-wah-vay and bay-key-yawn? Gratuitous boob grazes? Double chin grins? Farts and flats? Pizazz, enthusiasm, and a bit more tit?


    They sure have come a long way from making videos asking a certain Grace to… amalgamate their… um… well… any way… happy 1 million subscribers!

    On a scale from One to Ten-Tee – you are both totally Becky!! Is it time for a song/parody video? 😂🥰

  3. Honest opinion: Rosie is the hottest right now among all the og lesbians and prob hotter than Becky eventho i never seen her perform as Rosie did in this mesterpiece.
    I'm not even sure if it's possible. Thanks for the great content guys 😀

  4. Getting the Waffle burnt is part of the tradition… "Don't panic, never fear!". Let me just say this: baffle laffle taffle break up is to this day my most watched video ever. I introduced Rose's channel to my sister via that video and she is now a successful lesbian! And I also found Jessie J through Rose's oscar-worthy performance in that video…

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