Physicists At CERN Just Made A Terrifying Discovery That Changes Everything!

According to research on galaxies and other large-scale formations, there are
many mysteries in the cosmos that are just being discovered by scientists. .
Most of these mysteries require new physics theories to help us understand
them. For example, we need to understand why gravity is so much weaker
than the other forces, as well as what happened before and during the big
bang and many other unanswered phenomena.
We’ve been able to address some of our questions thanks to the
advancements in technology. And CERN has consistently been at the
forefront of this. Incredibly, the CERN team of scientists has just uncovered a
breakthrough discovery that alters the course of history! What did they find,
and how might it answer our questions about the cosmos?

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50 thoughts on “Physicists At CERN Just Made A Terrifying Discovery That Changes Everything!”

  1. This is a godless evil undertaking.
    Did you see the opening parade with worlds heads there? Devils & cult like parade on they day of opening. Scary demonic.
    God sees the plans of the wicked & He laughs. And not in the funny way. Their table will turn into a snare… Promised.

  2. Leave creation alone. Scientists tried to be God. Instead you will open a Pandora's box and the wrath of God..oh that's right scientist's don't believe in God. But you will

  3. The beast out of the earth..
    Revelation 13 11-18
    Read that then watch the opening ceremony for Cern…
    I want to know what involvement Elon Musk the antichrist has in this?
    Read the narrative.. he is the ANTICHRIST and his son AI is a demon he has summoned. Grimes is the whore of Babylon who sits on the scarlet beast

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