Robert Sarver Told Goran Dragic That He Is Happy That He Didn’t Make The All Star Team.

In the 2013-14 season Dragic almost made the all start team with 20,3 points and 6 assists per game on 50,5 fg% and 40.8 3P%. After hearing the news he went to the gym sadly where Robert Sarver told him that he is actually very happy. When Goran asked him why, Sarver told him that it’s because he doesn’t have to pay him 1 milion dollar bonus which he would have to otherwise if he was selected for the all star game. Dragic said that he wanted out of Phoenix right after that event.


Dragic told that story on a popular Slovenian basketball podcast (Dvokorak): (40:12 )


Edit: Literal translation goes like this: “He came to the gym and said that he is happy…. Actually happy. So I asked him why are you so happy? He told me that it’s because he doesn’t have to pay me 1 million dollar bonus. And I was like, what kind of owner doesn’t want his own player to make the all star team. After that I said to myself .. I really don’t see myself being in this place any longer.”

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