Amazing Lemon Cake Recipe

Light, fluffy, and deliciously tangy, this Lemon Cake is the perfect dessert for any occasion. With two layers of moist lemon-flavored cake coated in a rich lemon-flavored cream cheese frosting, there’s no shortage of bright lemon flavor in this dessert. You will absolutely fall in love with this tender cake after the first bite melts in your mouth.





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  1. I made this for my future sister in laws Bridal shower and everyone loved it and were shocked when I said I made it because they thought it was gotten from a bakery. I made 2 lemon layers, 2 almond cake layers and used a plain cream cheese frosting and a blackberry compote between the layers, it was honestly heavenly! I reduced the amount of powered sugar in the frosting to only 2 cups because I thought the sweetness to cream cheese tang was just right at only 2 cups. Thank you John for the amazing recipes!

  2. I made this cake and divided the batter into two 8-inch rounds and set my timer for 30 minutes. The cake center sprung back when touched (after only 30 minutes at 350) so I knew it was done. The only problem was my cakes came out so dry like they were overcooked. I am not sure where I went wrong, but I am so bummed! 🙁

  3. Definitely making this cake, lemon or pineapple are my favorite flavors for cakes.
    Love watching him cook, he makes everything look so easy!
    Thank you for this wonderful recipe.
    Regards from the Caribbean.

  4. ok…you have inspired me to try this delicious looking cake! I appreciate the explanations of things as well! I did have one question…why did you mix the lemon juice and buttermilk? Thanks again!!

  5. I just took a little bite out of the bottom of the cake, (so no one will see) OMG!!! It's amazing!! I am so happy! It's perfectly delicious!! It has a bright lemon flavor and there are great little bites of lemon skin in there. It's perfect!! Everyone should try this cake. I am keeping mine as a naked cake because it's sweet enough for me. If I add sugar frosting to it, it would be too sweet for my taste. But wow! Yum tender lemon city. Thank you again for this wonderful recipe! =;)

  6. I am excited to say that I am making this lovely lemon cake today. I just put it into the oven! I am using a shallow sunflower bunt pan, which is going to be just as delicious and tender as the two layer cakes. I adore lemon!! I even wear lemon perfume!! LOL . I am going to make the frosting inside the layers of my sunflower bunt pan. Thank you so very much for just being you and making the world a more cheerful and happy place, one great recipe at a time. You are the best!! =;)

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