Rainbow But Its Alphabet Lore

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Rainbow But It’s Alphabet Lore is a survival game in which you get lost in a classroom ruled by alphabet monsters. You will remodel into a letter character to join other people in undertaking missions to escape the space.

All letters of the alphabet can become a character for you to opt for from!

You can turn into a naughty P, a slow Q, or you can come to be a curious Y, always inquiring “Why?”
Match characteristics:

Stunning letter graphics: every thing you see in this entire world will be letters of the alphabet.
Sleek controls: alphabet survival sport will be really fulfilling to working experience.
Every day Updates: New ranges will be updated daily so your alphabet sport can go on for good.
About 100 levels: a lot of alphabet difficulties for you to investigate.
Various boss battles: terrifying bosses are waiting for you, do you dare to facial area them?
Very simple gameplay: the match is quick to participate in, let’s escape the home collectively.
Fully Totally free: You don’t have to pay out any cash to participate in this match.
Offered for equally kids and grown ups: alphabet legend sport for anyone.
The two telephones and tablets are supported.
How to perform:

✅Use joystick to go your character
✅Tap the “box” button to disguise from the monsters in the alphabet
✅Collect merchandise to finish the mission
✅Run as fast as probable! No additional time for you
✅Don’t allow the monsters capture you
✅Cooperate with other players to get as a result of the concentrations simpler