PSA from a SWA worker considering that the firm won’t give any info

On behalf of all workforce: WE ARE SORRY!

Couple key details:

1. Please be patient with us. We desperately want to do every little thing we can to get you where you’re heading.

2. This shitstorm is mainly because the crew scheduling computer software went belly up and it almost all has to be unraveled around the mobile phone with crew customers contacting scheduling. If we had improved technological know-how which eradicated the require for telephone phone calls, this would have been set by now.

3. If you are in a position to uncover alternate transportation to your remaining place- DO IT. Yet another airline, bus, train, Lyft, rental auto, Anything at all. Southwest WILL NOT be ready to get you to your location anytime in the subsequent few times.

4. Like I explained, it’s gonna consider at least a 7 days to get back again to regular functions for Southwest.

5. Really do not check your bags except if you completely need to have to, consider them as have-on.

If everyone has inquiries, I will test to answer them.

1. Checked bags are at this time a disaster. Program to not see your checked luggage for at the very least a thirty day period. In the interest of 100% transparency, some bags will be 30+ times dropped in the procedure.
2. Will my flight for X date go out? Upcoming 3 days- prepare on a cancellation. 4-7 days- probably to go as scheduled. 7+ days- must see operational restoration.


If you have been impacted by a flight cancellation or considerable flight delay involving December 24, 2022, and January 2, 2023, you could post receipts for thought. We will honor acceptable requests for reimbursement for foods, resort, and alternate transportation. mail-us/s/

Once more, It is extremely recommended to locate alternate transportation and post it for reimbursement.

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