PSA: Direct Hope (a SCAM organisation) is paying to astroturf on /r/singapore

Greetings from modland!

You might or might not remember [this post]( from 4 months ago about Direct Hope, which is a scam organisation pretending to be a charity. A few hours ago, /u/Kingkonglana, a 1 year old account with no post history posted [this comment]( Another mod quickly detected and removed it, but it continued to gain awards and hundreds of upvotes over the next hour in what is the most ameturish attempt at astroturfing we’ve seen. They and other organisations are likely active elsewhere on the sub as well. We would thus like to bring particular attention to the community and anyone coming from a web search:

# Direct Hope is a SCAM!

The mods continue to maintain a zero tolerance policy for astroturfing, external bandwagoning/influence, and bad-faith posting. We welcome attention being brought to Direct Hope and other such scam organisations. Please remember that the number of upvotes/downvotes and awards is not an accurate measure of truthfulness or popularity, and to exercise your own judgement in all matters. Have a nice evening!

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