My AWANA Experience Part 2: Sexism, Purity Culture, & Being Shamed by Leaders

This video is part 2 about my experience as a teenage homeschooled AWANA member. I share stories of being shamed by leaders, purity culture, sexist bullying, and friendship loss.

CW: religious trauma, public shaming, sexism & sexist bullying

AWANA program overview:
My AWANA experience part 1:

My new pronouns:

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00:00 – Introduction & context
01:00 – Being shamed at a parent appreciation dinner
07:10 – Purity culture, courtship, & friendships with boys
12:01 – Being shamed for “the appearance of evil”
16:33 – Sexist bullying & losing a friend
23:35 – Am I still in contact with the AWANA kids?

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Title: Carefree Childhood

Image Description: Elly, who is white with brown eyes, is sitting in front of a desk as she talks to the camera. Their brown hair is half up half down, and they are wearing a black tank top. On the desk are two green plants, a small bisexual flag, and a lit candle. There are AWANA home movie clips in the intro and outro of the video.

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