Lots of vitamins! Sugar-free cake! Low-calorie HEALTHY gluten-free recipe!

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Today I’m going to show you how to make a bright and atmospheric matcha cake! This cake is based on the famous Japanese tea with light coconut and lemon notes. The cakes, fillings and glazes in this recipe contain matcha. But the beauty of this tea is that it goes well with most fruits and berries. So you can easily cook it with your favorite toppings!
This low-calorie dessert is a great meal for people who are choosing a healthy food, but like to eat something tasty!
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Macros per 100 g: Calories 168, Proteins 8.4, Fats 13, Carbs 6.5
Weight 1450 g
Form diameter 16 cm (6,3 inches)
Sweetener: 1 gram of my sweetener is equivalent to 10 grams of sugar.
Cake Ingredients:
Whole grain flour (I have green buckwheat) 90 g
Matcha tea 16 g (https://www.iherb.com/pr/mrm-matcha-green-tea-powder-6-oz-170-g/69658?rcode=ABH8598)
Baking powder 5 g (1 tsp)
Liquid butter (I have peanut butter) 30 g
Egg 5 pcs
Salt 1/3 tsp
Xanthan gum 0.8-1 g (or erythritol powder / syrup / honey 70 g) (https://iherb.com/pr/Now-Foods-Real-Food-Xanthan-Gum-6-oz-170-g/879?rcode=ABH8598)
Sweetener 15 g (the amount strongly depends on the amount of tea, the degree of its bitterness and the presence of other sweeteners)
Filling Ingredients:
Coconut cream (thick part of coconut milk) 160 g
Matcha tea 8 g (2 tsp without a slide)
Sweetener 10 g
Cream Ingredients:
Ricotta cheese 800 g
Sweetener 13 g
Impregnation Ingredients:
Lemon juice 15 g
Coconut milk (its liquid part) 45 g
Sweetener 3 g
Glaze Ingredients:
Coconut milk 75 g
Powdered coconut milk 25 g https://www.iherb.com/pr/edward-sons-coconut-milk-powder-5-25-oz-150-g/83406?rcode=ABH8598
Sweetener 2 g
Matcha tea 2 g https://www.iherb.com/pr/mrm-matcha-green-tea-powder-6-oz-170-g/69658?rcode=ABH8598
Gelatin 4 g
Water 24 g
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