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jExpose is a jQuery plugin that mimics MacOS&#8217s Expose aspect by incorporating hotspots on the browser&#8217s viewport sides (corner and margin hotspots) which can set off specific activities by hovering them with the mouse. By default, the jExpose plugins arrives with a darkish clear layer that demonstrates up (and fills the viewport) when hovering a hotspot, practically similar to the MacOS expose result.


  • hotspots can be possibly just viewport corners, or corners and margins
  • detects window resize occasion and refreshes hotspot destinations
  • detects scrolling activities and refreshes hotspot spots
  • hotspots can be styled (all or individually)
  • expose-like doc fading when hovering a hotspot (but can be disabled if you don&#8217t need this result and just want to result in the hotspots&#8217 methods)
  • graceful degradation (no javascript, no expose result)
  • very simple to use
  • analyzed on IE7+, Firefox 3+, Opera 9.6+ and Safari 3+
  • 8kb footprint

Provided in the package deal

  1. The jExpose plugin (compressed and uncompressed)
  2. The jQuery v1.3.2 framework
  3. The jExpose default CSS file and hotspot visuals to get you begun
  4. An example which shows you this plugin at get the job done
  5. Aid file with recommendations and documentation.