Japan JUST REVEALED New Fully performing Female Robots

Japan JUST REVEALED Fully performing Female Robots

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A World Leader
Japan has the highest density of robot workers in the world. The market for service robotics is thriving, including the field of senior care. The country is the powerhouse of technologies such as machine vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence. These technologies are vital for the development of effective robotic hardware. The country’s industrial robot makers have produced more than 50 percent of robots supplied in 2017, which is 39 percent more than the year earlier.
There is no doubt that Japan is the sphere head in the field of industrial robotics as it is the number one exporter for robots in terms of shipments and number of operating units. The country also remains the testing ground for new applications of robotics. Companies such as Kawasaki, FANUC, OTC Daihen, Epson, Denso, and Mitsubishi are driving the development of industrial robotics in the country. Furthermore, Japan is one of the world’s leading hub for startup and the tech ecosystem. Thus investments have been flowing into the country seamlessly.

The Scenario Outside Japan
The demand for robotics in places such as China, the USA and Europe has been thriving because of the establishment of public and private sector robotics projects. While the Internet of Things (IoT) has played a major role in shaping up the robotics’ base in Europe and the USA. The global demand for robotics surged over the years and is still robust. The installed robotics units are projected to grow annually by over 15 percent between 2018 and 2020.
China is betting on industrial robotics to boost quality and productivity because of high labour cost and intense global competition with its counterparts. The country has become the top nation globally to acquire industrial robots. After Japan, South Korea is the next robotics hotbed since it had the world’s highest robot density since 2010. The country’s density is greater than the global average with 631 robots per 10,000 human workers. The country will be filled with over eight million people aged above 65 years.

The Ubiquity of Japan’s Robots

Japan’s tech companies, research institutions and other entities partner and work together to deploy the country’s cutting-edge robotics in a wide range of sectors. The county’s robots also have the capability to be used in space exploration. The Japanese government spurred the development and application of disaster-response robots after the earthquake and tsunami in 2011. The department of precision engineering at the University of Tokyo School of Engineering are working on robots that can be operated in inclement weather and extreme environments. The sole purpose of the development is to train the robots to go into adverse environments which are difficult for humans to enter, capture images and collect information.

Another Vital Segment
Medical robotics is another vital segment. The Japanese government is betting on the development and dissemination of medical equipment that utilizes robotics technology. The robots will cut the burden of both medical professionals and patients alike, for example, surgery assistant robots. While the department of mechanical engineering at the Tokyo school of engineering is testing robots for medicine and industrial processing. The team is currently conducting research and development on robot-assisted surgery.

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