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Idiots In Cars – Idiots In Cars | Idiots In Cars
Idiots In Cars / Idiots In Cars ~ Idiots In Cars Caught On Dash Cam

We believe this footage can be used as an educational and informational guide for viewers to analyze and evaluate situations to prevent any future incidents or mishaps! The purpose of this video is to raise awareness and learn from other’s driving mistakes. Also only a small percentage of people that watch my videos are actually subscribed so if you end up liking this video consider subscribing it’s free and you can always change your mind. Enjoy the video.

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07/13/2022 Van Wyck Expway rear end hit & run –
Crazy Driver almost cause an Accident –
Idiot crosses 4 lanes without watching for incoming traffic. Near crash with my semi. –
Work Life: Highway Edition- Close Call –
Really? –
Work truck does 180 and almost flips over! Distracted driving! –
This clueless woman was INCHES from swapping paint with me. –
Good driving skills… (was MUCH closer than the dashcam makes it appear) –
Dash Cam – Near Accident –


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