I just finished listening to a 7 hour audiobook even though I hated listening to…

I just finished listening to a 7 hour audiobook even though I hated listening to it. The sound of the narrator’s voice hurt my brain. It was just not for me. It felt like being stuck in a room with a loud high energy friend who is rambling when i just want to be quiet. Just too much for me. ⁠

So why on earth did I keep listening to the end? It was like some weird personal challenge where I felt like I had to finish the book even though I groaned and thought, “why am I doing this?” every time I pressed play. ⁠

I mean it’s good to keep your commitments, right? Yes… ⁠

But it’s also okay to change your mind. If you’re doing something and you don’t enjoy it anymore, or you thought you would like something until you started doing it, it’s okay to change your mind and switch to something else. ⁠

Life is too short to stick to projects we don’t love doing. ⁠

As much as people want us to learn from their life lessons instead of our own, sometimes you just have to try something before you know it’s not for you. ⁠

And if it’s not for you, you don’t have to see it through. Leave the food on your plate. Leave the book unread. Leave the folder with only a logo sitting in it. Return the audiobook for a refund. Let that shit go. ⁠

When you feel like you have a project that you really want to do, something that truly lights you up, that is the one to stick to, even if there’s a few challenges along the way. ⁠

That’s the project I want to help you complete. I can simplify it, break it down into manageable steps and support you like a business bestie. Send me a message for coaching. ⁠


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