I have outed myself on the internet as remaining passionately s3x-beneficial. …

I’ve outed myself on the world wide web as getting passionately s3x-favourable.

I see this as simply an expression of my really like for lifetime!

My appreciate for humans!

My really like for becoming in a human body!

My like for girls and breaking generational curses!

Now that I have moved back to a minor village in Somerset, the s3x-beneficial chronicles of @moon_physique have taken on a new meaning… hehe

I’ve experienced to facial area the aspect of me that is extremely personal and doesn’t want the postwoman realizing about my s3x lifestyle.

I’ve experienced to experience that for some girls the only kind of experience takes place by way of gossiping about other girls – and obviously I’m a gossip-goldmine!

I’ve been trolled by my have grandmother on posts of my erotic poetry (sealing her destiny in the hell realms – in scenario you are looking through this Nanny)

And it is all Ok because:

Having fun with s3x is a person of the most normal, healthier issues you can do.

Even when persons try to shame me it can only bounce off me simply because I know that my s3x-beneficial writings and way of living are an built-in kind of lifestyle-worship

It’s harmless and so wonderful.

It is really significantly holier a exercise than heading and sitting down on a picket pew even though listening to torture-porn (ie likely to a Christian church).

It frees up so considerably everyday living force to live a sacredly-slutty existence and to converse about it brazenly.

I won’t ever end.

It is just regular existence.

What kinds of presents has s3x-positivity introduced to your life?

Explain to me in the feedback! I will go through and react to absolutely everyone.



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