How Should You Behave the Hyperactive Child?

Most of the kids have excess energy normally. This does not mean that your child has hyperactivity. Literally, hyperactivity is a sign of attention deficit disorder which named shortly, ADHD.

Signs of Hyperactivity

The child has trouble sitting for meals, every child has, but hyperactive child really does not sit for meals even though he/she is so hungry.

The child has problems doing quiet activities.

Talks constantly

Keeps his/her movements while sitting on a place

Frequently interrupts other children

Moves so fast and quick

Difficulty in paying attention

Difficulty on listening and following directions

They can be easily become worried and angry.

Understand the child’s hyperactivity is the first thing that has to be done. You must try to help him gaining self- control behaviors. You should pay attention to your child’s behavior, with this you may spot the patterns and triggers. Maybe his activity starts in the morning or at night. You should let your child have a stress ball or gum chewing. This helps to direct some of the over activities to a different thing. You can channelize their energy. Physical activities can help your child for excess energy.

For example, yoga classes help your child controlling his/her body. You should study with a parenting coach and have in touch with the other families who have got a hyperactive child so you can easily learn their experiences. You should be calm and antistress when you are with your child. You must talk to your child in a simple manner. Child psychotherapies can be used. Hyperactivity is a medical condition, it is not meaning bad parenting. 

Photo John Hain by Pixabay