YouTube – How to Enrich Your Gut Microbiome for Brain & All round Health and fitness | Huberman Lab Podcast #61

In this episode, I examine the profound influence the gut has on the anxious procedure. I include the construction and functionality of the intestine-brain axis and the function of the gut microbiome in the mind and general well being. I describe how the intestine controls hunger or satiety by affecting neurons in our mind. I also distinction the many pathways by which the intestine influences the mind: immediate vs. indirect pathways, chemical vs. mechanical, and quickly vs. slow signaling. Additionally, I examine what defines a healthier microbiome and how your lifestyle impacts the intestine microbiome, such as the results of tension, fasting, antibiotics, animals, setting, prebiotics and probiotics. I tackle how various food items condition the gut microbiome, in certain, the rising details that fermented food items can increase the variety of healthful intestine microbiota. Throughout the episode, I clarify peer-reviewed and textbook conclusions that expose the important role of the gut microbiome in supporting mental and bodily wellness and I outline straightforward equipment that anybody can use in order to greatly enhance their gut microbiome health and fitness.

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00:00:00 Intestine Microbiome
00:03:02 AG1 (Athletic Greens), LMNT, InsideTracker
00:06:55 Your Gut-Brain Axis
00:09:44 Intestine-Mind Anatomy
00:15:32 Microbiota vs. Intestine Microbiome
00:20:01 Roles of Intestine Microbiome
00:23:03 Neuropod Cells: (Unconscious) Tasting with Your Tummy
00:34:13 Ghrelin: Gradual Modulation of Your Mind in Hunger
00:38:02 Glucagon Like Peptide 1 GLP-1
00:42:22 Equipment: ‘Free Will’ & Food Cravings
00:44:46 Mechanical Cues from Gut to Mind
00:49:05 Dopamines, Vomiting
00:52:06 Oblique Indicators from Intestine Microbiota
00:59:30 Intestine Microbiome “Critical Periods”
01:03:08 How Gut Wellness Controls Total Well being
01:12:25 What is a Healthful Intestine Microbiome?
01:15:00 Applications: Enrich Your Gut Microbiome
01:23:49 Food items to Increase Microbiota Range Fermented Food items
01:37:07 Higher-Fiber Meal plans & Swelling
01:40:58 Artificial & Non-Caloric Sweeteners
01:44:27 Composition & Purpose of Intestine-Mind Axis
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