YouTube – Hand, Foot and Mouth Ailment | Viruses, Pathophysiology, Indicators and Signs or symptoms, Diagnosis, Remedy

Hand, Foot and Mouth Sickness | Viral Brings about, Pathophysiology, Signals and Symptoms, Prognosis, Cure

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (Hand-Foot-And-Mouth Disorder, HFMD) is an infectious viral affliction involving a rash on the palms, feet and mouth. Various viruses can cause Hand, Foot and Mouth sickness, which include Coxsackieviruses and Enteroviruses. In this lesson, we talk about how these viruses are transmitted and how they cause infection, the prodrome of this condition, how the rash evolves, how this ailment is diagnosed and how it is addressed.

Note: I forgot to point out that the virus can also be transmitted from blister fluid as properly!

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