This Doctors WARNING, Might Just SAVE YOUR Metabolic HEALTH | David Perlmutter

This Doctors WARNING, Might Just SAVE YOUR Metabolic HEALTH | David Perlmutter

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When people hear about uric acid, it’s almost always in the context of it being a causal factor for gout.

But if more people knew the full extent of how it affects our metabolism, cardiovascular health, and risk for Alzheimer’s and dementia, we might pay more attention to it.

In this episode of Health Theory, Dr. David Perlmutter returns with the latest research on how uric acid is about much more than just gout.

He explains the relationship between uric acid, insulin, and fructose, why it doesn’t mean that all fruits are bad for you, and how our modern problem with uric acid is actually the result of a disconnect between evolution and environment.

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00:00 | Introduction
00:43 | Uric Acid and Metabolism
06:42 | The Problem With Fructose
12:22 | What Does Uric Acid Do?
23:58 | Eat to Lower Uric Acid
33:43 | The Cause of Type 2 Diabetes
41:48 | The Ideal Diet & Lifestyle

“A lot of roads lead to the Rome of inflammation, and set the stage for things like Alzheimer’s and coronary artery disease. And because of that, it’s the reason that a monotherapy or a one drug approach to Alzheimer’s, for example, is beyond myopic. It’s never going to work.” [03:02]

“Our metabolic health globally is in a terrible place. I mean, a third of American adults have hypertension, and 10% of kids aged 12 to 18 have hypertension. That’s crazy. 50% of adult Americans will be obese by the year 2030. Not just overweight, but obese.” [04:16]

“Elevation of uric acid is associated with an 80% increased risk of dementia, a 55% increase risk of Alzheimer’s specifically, and a 165% increased risk of vascular dementia.” [13:53]

“What would be the upside of having uric acid create insulin resistance, and therefore cause blood sugar to go up? Why? Because when you’re starving, it’ll help power your brain.” [16:50]

“What we’re seeing now are these metabolic derangements that underlie these diseases that represent a disconnect between evolution and environment.” [22:06]

“If it has a barcode, and it’s in the grocery store, it has added sweetener – 70% do. And by and large that comes from high fructose, there’s the villain corn syrup that we subsidize to the tune of $500 billion a year.” [25:01]

“Uric acid levels are climbing in lockstep with fructose consumption. In the 1920s, average uric acid level in Americans was about 3.5 – it’s now six.” [46:50]

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  2. Makes the most sense that uric acid could cause those health issues, 🍒cherry cider can help with uric acid it woks, I herd also fasting 1 day a week would help also .

  3. Here's my question. When can I stop taking the Allopurinol? The pain of gout has been compared to child birth. Imagine someone ripping off your big toe and rubbing the raw end with course sandpaper. I am interested to learn that a poor high carb, low fat diet is responsible for hugh uric acid, the cause of gout. I've been low carb, IF for six months. Can I stop taking my allopurinol? Or will I get another attack?

  4. @ 22mins.. It is 100% genetic.. Yes and that means it is 100% environment. Because the environment is wrong. 35 minuutes. My Dad took Allururinol his whole life, that did not stop him getting diabetes.

  5. I wonder if it is logical to assume that different people have different metabolisms. Now we know that humans on earth are a mixture of different hominides, is it save to assume that we process food differently? What might work for the red meat eater does not work for the fish eater? Talking about the different races on earth is a taboo I think. I hope it doesn't cloud the study of human metabolism.

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