10 Toothache Home Remedies that ACTUALLY Work Fast 🦷

10 Toothache Home Remedies that ACTUALLY Work Fast 🦷

Let’s talk about ways to relieve tooth pain while waiting for an appointment with your dentist!

Wondering how to stop tooth pain fast? If you have a toothache, home remedies will help get you by until you can see a dentist. While some home remedies for toothache symptoms are safe and effective, others can do more harm than good.

Knowing how to calm an irritated tooth nerve can mean the difference in having to take off from work or cut your vacation short. Depending on what your toothache symptoms are, some home remedies will work better than others. Even if you find one that works, it’s essential that you still see a dentist. Why? Because toothaches don’t resolve themselves—even with great home care—an active infection, cavity, or abscessed nerve requires professional treatment.

We’ve already established that you need a temporary way for how to stop tooth pain fast and that you plan to get to the dentist ASAP. So, what’s actually safe to use when it comes to toothache home remedies? If you’re up in the middle of the night or it’s the weekend and you can’t get your dentist on the phone, here are some safe DIY toothache options to try at home:

1) OTC Pain Meds
2) Salt Water Rinse
3) Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse
4) Cold Compress
5) Peppermint Tea Bags
6) Clove Oil
7) Garlic
8) Vanilla Extract
9) Fresh Ginger
10) Elevate your head

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0:00 Intro
0:43 Manage Swelling
1:04 Something Stuck?
1:25 Salt Water Rinse
1:37 Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse
2:05 Cold Compress
2:22 Head Elevation
2:42 Peppermint Tea Bag
3:02 Clove Oil
3:09 Garlic
3:21 Vanilla Extract
3:32 See Your Dentist

***This video does not provide medical advice and is intended for informational purposes only. Always seek the advice of your dentist or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical or dental condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have heard or seen on social media.***

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22 thoughts on “10 Toothache Home Remedies that ACTUALLY Work Fast 🦷”

  1. These are things that worked for me while I was in pain
    1.warm saltwater
    2. Ibuprofen (sometimes)
    3. Orajel and other numbing ointments
    4. Ice
    5. Do not lay down flat sleep with your head elevated
    6. Gargle the infected area with hydrogen peroxide as this will help with popping by the abscess after the tooth abscess has popped you will fill INSTANT RELIEF
    However none of these are permanent solutions you need antibiotics like amoxicillin and you must have the tooth pulled or a root canal or some form of dental work done if you are reading this and are in pain I wish you the best I know how much it hurts

  2. I once had most painfull toothache… I tried every single medication both pharmaceutical and natural and the only thing that worked was a marijuana smoke made my very relaxed and pain-free i feel asleep and no pain next day.

  3. One of the best things I've ever used for a toothache and abscess is Turmeric combined with black pepper usually a tea spoon of both with a gulp of water and just rinse it around teeth for 20 minutes soon as I spat it out the toothache had gone and the abscess was diminished, the black pepper enhances Turmerics affect but just on its own it's probably the best anti inflammatory and bacteria fighting agent of nature

  4. My dentist stopped taking people my age so I have to wait and get a dentist for a bit
    My problems are that I will throw up if I have saltwater in my mouth because my gag reflex is horrid
    My dentist screwed a nerve and didn't bother to fix it
    I was almost immune to Anesthesic the last time I was at the dentist.
    I hate needles so I'm really really nervous for my next dentist visit and my skin is more tender than most so it isn't a small pinch it's more of like a wasp sting.
    I hate life right now

  5. I’m on my second month of waiting to get seen to for a bad tooth. I’ve made three office visits, the last one to an endodontist, but my blood pressure was too high for them to proceed to treatment.
    The pain is intense, and relentless. Ibuprofen worked best, but I’ve had to switch to acetominophen as I’m taking a round of steroids. The pain relievers do absolutely nothing whatsoever. I’ve tried icing it, breathing exercises, meditation, none of it is any good.
    Any suggestions?

  6. So basically nothing works. I tried all those things mentioned before watching this video although I haven't tried clove oil yet. It could be several weeks to months before a dentist will see me here in the UK. The NHS want people to go to a private dentist which is very expensive. Its a back tooth so it wont be easy to pull and I will need antibiotics. I've been through this crap before when it comes to finding an NHS dentist. Its always better to have a tooth pulled because root canal is only temporary in most cases. I'm using turmeric right now which has taken the edge of it.

  7. I’ve given birth and my tooth pain is more painful… it feels never ending because all the dentists in my area are short staffed and booked up until a year…

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