Headache – Types and causes | 3d Animation

Headache – Types and causes | 3d Animation

There are many different types of headaches, but the four most common types are as follows.
1) Tension health”>headache
2) Migraine health”>headache
3) Cluster health”>headache
4) Sinus health”>headache
Tension Headache
Tension health”>headache is the most common type of health”>headache. In this health”>headache, the patient feels pressure and pain in the forehead region. Pain can last from 30 minutes to several hours. MOstly this health”>headache occurs because of stress. Stress can be both mental and physical in nature. Fatigue can be the cause of physical stress. While in mental stress, work, family, friends, and relationship problems can be the cause.
Migraine Headache
A migraine health”>headache leads to pain on one side of the head and neck. This pain can last from 3 hours to 3 days. Patients suffering from migraine headaches may also experience nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to sound and light.

Cluster Headache
In a cluster health”>headache, the patient feels pain in the area around one eye. The patient also experiences a droopy eye as a result of the pain, and the eye turns red. In addition, tears in the eyes and nasal discharge are also the symptoms. If we do not treat cluster health”>headache, it might last for weeks or even months.

Sinus Headache

The main cause of sinus health”>headache is sinusitis. In sinusitis, the inflammation in the sinuses occurs
Sinuses are the hollow spaces in our head, that secrete thin mucus. This mucus flows into the nasal cavity, moistening and dust-freeing the air we breathe.
However, sinus inflammation might occur as a result of an infection or a blockage, which leads to sinus health”>headache. In sinus headaches, pain around the nose is felt in the sinuses.
Because sinuses can be found in the cheeks, forehead, and behind the eyes. As a result, the patient experiences pain in all of these areas. This patient also shows symptoms of watery eyes. Fever can also occur. To treat a health”>headache, we must first identify the type of health”>headache.
Because each type of health”>headache can be caused by a different reason. Which is treated by doctors accordingly.


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