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So terrific! Sofia is a mom now! Can you help Sofia consider treatment of her infant? Firstly, remember to go to purchase one thing for her adorable little baby, milk powder, diaper, pacifier, outfits and so on. Then go residence and choose treatment of the toddler, get a bath, wipe talcum powder, adjust diaper and dress in garments .The very last point you want to do is to decorate the newborn place, design and style a new adorable home for the infant. Have enjoyable!

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So terrific! Sofia is a mother now! Can you enable Sofia consider care of her child? First of all, please go to invest in something for her sweet minor toddler, milk powder, diaper, pacifier, garments and so on. Then go dwelling and just take care of the little one, acquire a bath, wipe talcum powder, transform diaper and dress in dresses .The very last matter you need to have to do is to enhance the little one space, style and design a new lovable area for the child. Have enjoyment!



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Fri Mar 03 2023