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This is a strategical arcade game, which your goal is to survive some upcoming killers while you try to escape.

The game is very easy to play. When you open the game, there is an instructions manual about the game like whats your purpose and how you can play. After reading the manual, you can hit ENTER to start the game. You have to choose a difficulty between 0 and 5. 0 is the beginner level and 5 is the hardest level. After selecting the difficulty you want to play you can start the game by using your arrow keys on your key board or the arrow keys which are given on the screen. Your main goal is to evade the killers while you try to reach the bottom right corner. You can use blocks to block the pathing of a killer by pressing B button . Btw. You can pass through the blocks but killers cants. Also players can use land mines to kill the killers. You can set the mines by pressing M button. Mines are unharmful to players. These are the main rules and its time to set your strategy on the way of your evasion.

- PLAYER moves one square each turn utilizing the bolt fastens/keys - PLAYER may remain set up by squeezing the S button/key - After PLAYER moves, a KILLER is brought forth at an arbitrary area - KILLERS will push one square toward PLAYER on each turn - If a KILLER contacts the PLAYER, PLAYER is obliterated - PLAYER may make a BARRIER by squeezing the B button/key - PLAYER may make a MINE by squeezing the M button/key - If a KILLER crosses a MINE, that KILLER is demolished - PLAYER may securely cross MINES


Arcade Bejeweled Hypercasual Puzzle