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AN ALTERNATIVE TO SOLITAIRE, CHESS OR MINESWEEPER StratEvade is a turn-based system avoidance game. The object of the game is for the PLAYER to travel through an enormous GRID to an EXIT while being sought after by a regularly expanding number of brought forth KILLERS. The PLAYER may set BARRIERS and MINES to obstruct and wreck the seeking after KILLERS. The quantity of produced KILLERS and accessible MINES is dictated by the chose DIFFICULTY level.

- PLAYER moves one square each turn utilizing the bolt fastens/keys - PLAYER may remain set up by squeezing the S button/key - After PLAYER moves, a KILLER is brought forth at an arbitrary area - KILLERS will push one square toward PLAYER on each turn - If a KILLER contacts the PLAYER, PLAYER is obliterated - PLAYER may make a BARRIER by squeezing the B button/key - PLAYER may make a MINE by squeezing the M button/key - If a KILLER crosses a MINE, that KILLER is demolished - PLAYER may securely cross MINES


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