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Princess Sweet Kawaii Fashion

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Princess Eliza travels to Japan to study teenage kawaii fashion. the principle variety of kawaii dresser is traditional «touching» shades: red, faded green, yellow, blue. photos of your favourite anime characters are regularly used as prints. All sorts of bows, lace, frills are used as decorations, which mothers loved to deliver their princesses with in youth. The addition of brilliant info to garb is considered simply japanese, be it a headscarf, a telephone decoration, severa bracelets or «baubles», a tender bag within the shape of a gentle toy, and many others. The blessings of this fashion are that it is not at all essential to puzzle over the integrity of a single ensemble: you may come up with the money for any mixture of the picture, and it'll no longer be considered beside the point. As for footwear, an unusual pair of footwear will preferably match into the kawaii style, whether or not it's wedge or platform sneakers, boots with thick heels, vivid sneakers or ballet flats. The kawaii fashion also has an uncommon hair coloration. And make-up is restrained best by using your creativeness. there is no vicinity for uninteresting sunglasses, handiest mild tones and flickers! Create your very own precise kawaii appearance with Princess Eliza!

Left mouse button or touch.