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Lion Simulator Attack 3d Wild Lion Games

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Lion test system games 2019 were never been so charging. This irate lion city assault sim you will be the greatest predatory feline and begin chasing around the town roads. Release the rage of powerful monster in the city pursue residents, other wild creatures, assault vehicles and trucks and make extreme city decimation! Be the most merciless hunter however be careful human fighting tanks, helicopters even common attack rifles or pistols of standard police cops might be shoot you. Chase or be pursued in this lion assault game. Disregard lion versus tiger games and play this most recent lion assault in city game which is finished diversion. In this furious lion frenzy test system, keep ready constantly and keep up your lion's wellbeing, energy and appetite rate to endure and mess around with Lion test system city assault RPG endurance.

Please use screen controls and use shift button to run



2904 Games in total. Have Fun!