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Pc-Zombie Apocalyepse Bunker Survival Z

Pc-Zombie Apocalyepse Bunker Survival Z


Attention! This game is for computer only, cannot be played on mobile device!.. Zombie Apocalypse Bunker Survival Z online allowed to play against much adversary AI like officer and sensible zombie, 5 game modes like firearm game, endurance, TDM, DM and substantially more, multiplayer play with companions and camo + connections at each weapon. You have likewise 3 guides to fun with every one of your companions and furthermore the mode endurance and weapon game will cause you to appreciate each second. Have a ton of fun here. KEY FEATURES - 3 camo for each firearm - 6 connections for each weapon - 13 firearms - 5 game mode like gungame , endurance zombie, TDM, DM

Game directions: WASD - move Mouse - firing, point, glance around, change firearm SPACE - hop TAB - menu SHIFT - run

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