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Stratevade Ans32 Game

Stratevade Ans32 Game


AN Option in contrast TO SOLITAIRE, CHESS OR MINESWEEPER StratEvade is a turn-based system avoidance game. The object of the game is for the PLAYER to trek over a huge Matrix to an EXIT while being sought after by a regularly expanding number of generated Executioners. The PLAYER may set Hindrances and MINES to square and obliterate the seeking after Executioners. The quantity of brought forth Executioners and accessible MINES is dictated by the chose Trouble level. - participant moves one rectangular every flip using the arrow buttons/keys - player may also stay in location by means of urgent the s button/key - after participant moves, a killer is spawned at a random region - killers will pass one rectangular towards participant on each flip - if a killer contacts the player, player is destroyed - participant may create a barrier with the aid of pressing the b button/key - participant may additionally create a mine with the aid of pressing the m button/key - if a killer crosses a mine, that killer is destroyed - player may additionally correctly pass mines

Game directions: Click or touch

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