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FPS Sniper Shooting: Production Facility

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IGI Production Facility Cover Strike Fire mission. Your mission is to survive surgical strikes with the sniper rifle in this free fps action game. Show off your fire shooting skills as special ops agent trained to complete complex fps action missions. Fight against waves of 3d shooting army of enemy soldiers in this free sniper shooting action fps game. You are special ops on a difficult sniper survival mission to survive every strike and trained to fight any fire situation.

Use ammunition from artillery like sniper rifle gun or assault rifle as a special ops gamer in this free online action shooting game for fire power and health bags to infiltrate base. Be ready for fast fps fire action to maneuver your sniper rifles to deal with different targets and use strategy to win this action packed fps game. As a special ops sniper gaming expert your mission is to eliminate all enemy ops in this online free fps action game.

- Realistic 3D environment for best shooting fire fps game
- ‎High quality graphics with best special ops sniper
- ‎Modern weapons for immersive first person shooting gaming experience
- Offline shooter game with covert mode
- ‎Competitive strategic missions with different action modes
- ‎Cool music and sound effects
- Best shooting action first person game




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