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Butterfly Merge

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This is an exciting game in which you have to participate in the evolution of butterflies! You can compete with friends and colleagues to see who can score the most points! Butterfly eggs, cute caterpillars and beautiful larvae fall in the game. If they are the same, they connect and evolve. Your task is to connect as many elements as possible so that the butterfly evolves into a blue butterfly. Be the first on the leaderboard and prove your skills! Enjoy this colorful game!

How to play:
1. At the start it will be easy to connect the initial shapes of the first - red - butterfly. As soon as you connect two red caterpillars, a red butterfly will fly out, and in its place the egg of the next - ORANGE - butterfly will appear!
2. Time is limited, but with each connection you will get extra time and points!
3. Touch and hold your finger or cursor to control the butterfly shape. Release your finger or mouse button to let the shape fall onto the field.
4. Do not touch the red horizontal line, watch the time.

Sometimes the game can give you an improved form so that you can quickly develop to the Blue Butterfly!

Have a good game! Become a leader and top the table!




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